July 9, 2009

His Holy Name - Week 10 - Lord

His Holy Name {Challenge 10, Lord}
Challenge Word 10: Lord God’s Attribute: God is Lord. Ann Spangler says “Adon is a Hebrew word that means ‘lord’ in the sense of an owner, master, or superior. It is frequently used as a term of respect and always refers to people. Adonay (a-do-NAI) is the plural form of ‘adon’ and always refers to God as Lord or Master.” LORD in all capital letters is translated from the Hebrew ‘Jehovah’. Lord in upper and lowercase letters refers to ‘Adonai’. How does this affect my daily life? God is our Lord, and as our Lord we are to have a relationship with Him. He is our Master, and we are His servants. Today, that is not a popular statement. People want to rule their own lives and can’t imagine being a servant to anyone. His title of Lord demands our total obedience, and He has the right to rule over us and expect our obedience.

Do you treat Him as Lord over your entire life or just over the things you want “help” with? If we fear what He controls, it will lead to bad decisions. Kay Arthur says “Our Lord—our Adonai—is our Jehovah, YHWH. As Jehovah He is to be obeyed. He is God; we are human. He is the Creator; we are the created. Therefore, every knee should bow.” Do you ask Him to show you what His will is for you? Do you follow His will as He calls or do you question it for six months or so before following through? If we delay His call for our lives, it is not obedience but disobedience. In Exodus 4:10-12, we see Moses called Him Lord but he was not willing to obey immediately. When He calls us, He will enable us. He provides us everything we need to do whatever He calls us to do for Him. As our BSF teaching leader said “Serve with God-confidence not self-confidence.” In choosing scripture for today’s attribute, it was a bit tough. My search on Biblegateway came up with 6,477 scriptures for Lord. Wow! I ended up finding Psalm 135 which is full of wonderful verses. I used Psalm 135: 1, 5, and 13 here on my page.

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