July 18, 2009

Faith journals

No Sure if BonnieRose Blog is still private but you can take a look if you can ... http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com/ , it's awesome... info below copied and pasted in part.....

Blank journals are FULL of possibilities!Here are a few:
* start your very own gratitude journal
* start a 'hopes and dreams' journal, where you write down all those special wishes and dreams you share only with yourself.
* a book or journal, all about ' This week, I learned... '
* a book or journal, all about 'Right now I feel... '
* a place to write words that inspire you, filled with positive quotes and affirmations.

* I've read when you find a great affirmation you wanna apply to your life, you should write down this same affirmation down in a book 5 times/each day for 2 entire weeks! That way, you let the words become a part of your life! Wise advice I believe. Real writ
ing with paper and ink. Sometimes, I think it's fast becoming a lost art. More and more people are choosing to stay connected online, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I'm still a huge fan of real cards and letters sent, and writing my thoughts and feelings in a real book.Find yourself a beautiful journal that you love and start today!
Thanks BonnieRose for another great inspiration!

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