July 18, 2009

Summer is the time when the most Ice cream is eaten, straight in from the new room and Sunday, July 19th is national Ice cream day! Check out the interesting News....
Breyers " Vanilla bean" is still my all time favorite, because they don't make Chocolate almond by Baskin-Robbins anymore! Now that's some good ice cream!

For years, vanilla has been the favored flavor. Now, during the 25th anniversary of National Ice Cream Month, a Harris poll dares to declare chocolate as the ice cream choice of the American people.
Scandal! Upset! Could that sensuous hussy truly usurp the pure, comforting simplicity of the vanilla bean? Countless sources beg to differ, among them the
NPD Group and the International Ice Cream Association (although, OK, that second list dates back to 2006).
Flavor Explosion The real story isn't the favorite, but how many flavors exist nowadays.
According to Country Living, the best-sellers from top brands are: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Graeter's black raspberry chip, Baskin-Robbins Praline 'n' Cream, and Breyers vanilla.
Then you have
taste-masters creating mixes like ginger wasabi (Cold Stone). In Boston, the trend includes bitter basil, salty caramel, spicy chocolate, and curried coconut. At the 2008 Yokohama Ice Cream Expo, where weird favors ruled, people couldn't get enough of the beef tongue. As if the milk from the cow wasn't enough.
Variations on a Cream No bovine preferences among the ice cream flavors searched on Yahoo!, but trendy variations like
basil did pop up, as did traditional standbys like butter brickle and oddities like Orange Crush. (Another soda maker, Dr. Pepper, appeared as among the topping choices, although peanut butter led the saucy searches.)
Other notable trends: People want their ice cream in cupcake form, homemade, or fried (especially Mexican style).
Below, in time for
National Ice Cream Day (Sunday, July 19), the most popular flavors: At least online, vanilla's place is assured, just like it was in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Sample for yourself, and weigh in below on your preferred pleasure. Oh, and since it is the 25th anniversary, knock yourself out and get a silver spoon to celebrate.
Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors on Yahoo!
Peanut butter
Green tea
Chocolate chip
Butter pecan

~Love Barbara~

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