July 17, 2009

Take a Step of Faith - 7/18/2009
Today’s Verse: “…And as they went, they were cured and made clean” (Luke 17:14, AMP).

Today’s Word: One time in the Scripture, there were ten lepers who saw Jesus coming through the city. They hollered out, “Jesus! Have mercy on us and make us whole!” Jesus could have healed them right then, but instead, He asked them to do something to express their faith. He said, “Go show yourself to the Priest, and you will be made whole.”It’s interesting that those lepers were not supposed to be around other people. They had to live in colonies by themselves because they were very contagious and considered unclean. I’m sure they debated among themselves, “Do you really think we should go? I don’t look any better. My skin is not clear. It’s just going to be a waste of my time.” But they dared to put action behind their faith. They decided, “Jesus said if we go, we will be well. Let’s go. Let’s take a step of faith.” The Scripture says, “As they went, they were made whole.”Friend, what is God telling you to do in your heart today? Take a step of faith. Put action behind what you are believing for. God is faithful. As you step out and show that your faith is in Him, it will open the door for His miracle-working power to flow in every area of your life!
Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I choose to trust in You. I choose to be obedient to You. Even when it doesn’t make sense to my natural mind, I am going to continue to walk by faith. I love You and bless You today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

~Love Barbara~

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