July 9, 2009

Up to date and complete!
This is a simple description of what the HHN09 is all about!
His Holy Name {Introduction}
Before we begin our study of our first attribute of God on January 4th, I wanted to share a few things that Jean Nystrand, Executive Director of
Bible Study Fellowship, said about studying God's attributes. I loved it, I have it written in my journal for this year's study, and I pray you enjoy it too. Here is what Jean said:**God's attributes are what we know to be true about Him.**His Word is His revelation of Himself to us.**His attributes do not increase or diminish.**They do not contradict each other.**Praising God for His attributes gives us a high view of Him (seeing God as who He really is and ourselves as who we really are before Him).**We can never know too much about Him.**We need to know our Creator and base our lives on Him.**Because of who He is and what He has done for us, God has a right to place a call or claim on our lives.Also, I wanted to let you know what our keywords will be for both challenges. You will use the applicable keyword in any gallery where you post your work so that it will be easy for us to find your creations! These keywords will be used all year long.His Holy Name Challenge: HHN09

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