September 15, 2010

My Lifetime Story Challenge 37 - A Day or Week In My Life

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So what is a day or week in your life like right now? Decide if you would like to do a day or a full week and then list your daily or weekly schedule. Hour by hour if you are doing a day. This will be a really neat layout to look back on in 10 years. Let alone how awesome it will be for your children and grandchildren to look back and see how you spent your time. It would be so neat to have something like this from my grandparents!
It would be great to take some pictures of your faily routines to include on this layout. Just keep your camera with you all day, or all week if you are doing a whole week! We can't wait to see what your days look like!!!!! (It's ok, go ahead and include that picture of the laundry!)

~Love Barbara~

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Tracy said...

I love this idea of making scrapbook page of your daily life.
This is kink of what my blog is about. But your idea is more detailed.