April 3, 2011

Providence 365 - Week Ten Sunday 3/6/2011- Psalm 16:1

Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge. Psalm 16:1
Isn’t it wonderful that we know that our Loving God can and will keep us safe. He provides refuge – protects us from dangers and He shelters us from distress.
Use this week to reflect on this verse. We each face ‘danger’ or ‘distress’ in our lives at some point or another. How are you kept safe in His loving care? Perhaps you pause before going through the intersection when the light turns green – and avert a nasty accident. Maybe a friend calls and offers to help with a special project – just when you were totally stressing and thought you would not get it finished in time. Or maybe you are sitting in your favorite chair enjoying quiet time and simply feel a warmth that envelops you like a hug
*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•' Have A Great Day!
~Love Barbara~

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