July 15, 2012

I get it from my MOMMA!

                      Every since I was a little girl, I could remember my mom and aunties and uncles making sure that I always had the latest and greatest in Art supplies whether it was anything crayola, rose art, coloring book, mad libs, Archie comics, tracing pad and art boards, newsprint paper, cray pods, charks, Elmer's glue, tissue paper, you name it I had it all in my very own studio, my little suitcase.
My mom has been a sample designer for the pass 45+ years, in NYC I could remember going to the Virginia to spend summer and returning in the Fall for school to my own little wardrobe of a rainbow of colors .... multi color polyester slacks, and every pair of slack had a matching polyester blouse. I means 13 plus in every color you can name. {OK yes I was a spoiled brat} how did you guess...[LOL].

I say all that ......  to say with all the colors and artist talents around me, I got it from my MOMMA, I always love my MOMMA.....she is my favorite girl... She gave me the love of color, and the love to be and artist in my own world.
After Jr. High School I attend the best and biggest art school in Manhattan NY, Fashion Industries high school were I attended 4 yrs and Graduated and was accepted to Fashion Institute of Technology {The Best Fashion Design school in NYC's garment District}. I love art and design....

All Praise go up to God for planting that seed of creativity, and after I became a born again Christian my Crafting seed, has now become one of my top 3 spiritual gift....
  • 1- Serving
  • 2-Craftsmanship
  •  3- Faith
I selling some of my creation on www.etsy.com and also in a local store here in NC, I asked my mom to make me a display and this is what she came up with...
After my mom made the holder she asked me to add the finishing touches.
The picture below is the finishing touches.
and yes there are two ladybug on the holder.
*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•' Have A Great Day! ~Love Barbara~


Norma G. said...

That's wonderful, good luck!!

Julia said...

Beautiful display board! Good luck with your endeavor!