August 29, 2012

Book review of this month! A Must Read!

A co-worker had just gotten this book published, take a look on search Alicia Perry. Awesome book, below i have posted the desciption of the book and a current reviews....

Book Description


What do you do when your dreams of becoming the President of the United States are threatened by lies and conspiracy? When a former mistress demands you leave your wife for her? Those are just a couple of the dilemmas faced by Blake Lamont Hill, the fictional protagonist of "The Color of a Leader", Alicia Perry's page-turning saga about a black politician. Blake is a charismatic thirty-five-year old man, who broke down barriers in the state of North Carolina by becoming their first African American governor. He decides to pursue what seems the impossible for a young black politician, the Presidency of the United States of America. He realizes he is under the radar by a vast majority who wants to see him either give up or be defeated. His enemies are formidable: an attorney from the Justice Department, Attorney Reginald Sterns, who seeks to destroy any chances of him becoming president and his nemesis, Deborah Gustav, a former Secretary of State, who wants it herself. This Powerhouse of a novel is both intense and complex. The Color of a Leader will stay with you long after you have finished this well-crafted novel. W. Myers-Johnson's Media
The Color of a Leader August 24, 2012
By Jackie

Outstanding read with rich characters who display the tapestry of challenges being a minority leader in the world of politics today. It holds your attention from beginning to end and makes you want to read the next Chapter yet to come. Well done! This is a great book for bookclubs. It will inspire much discussion about the content.
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